Raw 1.5, A DIY CNC machine that really works!

Raw is one of the first aluminum machines on the market and was first built around 2010. We have continuously updated the machine to make it stronger, cheap and modular

A standard Raw machine is built with Steel wheels that rolls on a steel axis. A Raw machine uses Racks and pinions, ball screw or 15mm steel reinforced timing belts and not 6 or 9mm belt that is more suitable for 3D printers. The machine comes in different versions and sizes from 100x100cm to 130x180cm.

Raw 1.5 compared to an expencive industrial machine.


One of the coolest hobby projects available
To build a CNC machine is probably the coolest project you can have. You will learn a lot and the result is a machine that really works. A CNC machine is also worth a lot of money so when you don’t need the machine or need to upgrade you can sell the machine for more money than you put into it.

So how do i build this awesome machine?
To get access to this site you will need to buy our book that is available on our homepage. The book will give you access to all the drawings, downloads, videos and illustrations on this site.


There is also a forum once you log in so that you can discuss this and other machines you are building. We will answer as many questions we can if you get stuck.

Why should I build a Raw 1-5 machine?
If working with a CNC is new to you then you will discover a whole new world of manufacturing. A Raw1.5 machine can mass-produce parts with extreme accuracy and speed. As soon as you have drawn and set a piece to be cut, just load it into the machine and it produces the same part in infinity. Compare it by standing for hours in front of the band saw and doing the same. A CNC machine is like a very good employee who works around the clock without whining.

Raw is among the first aluminum machines on the market. There are a lot of copies on our machine, which is fun, what’s less fun is that they chose cheap parts in plastic and shaky designs. We have chosen to go the other way and today our machine is the strongest and most serious “Do-it-yourself” machine on the market what we know of. A Raw1.5 can weigh up to 40-90 kilos and only the plates weigh 10 kilos and are made of up to 8mm aluminum. Compare it to other machines that have 3-4mm aluminum or steel plates. A Raw uses industrial parts for the same price as other machines.

Modular machine
We have designed the machine to be modular which means that you can grow with your machine. You can upgrade a Raw 1.5 from belt to racks and make it bigger up to 130x180cm by changing some of the parts. Raw can be super strong by reinforce it with steel and tougher electronics.

Read this usefull information before you build the machine https://vip.rawcnc.com/usefull-information-before-you-build-a-raw-1-5-cnc-machine/ This will help you to decide what machine to build.

Building a radiator cover with a Raw CNC machine

The video instructions can be found on our homepage or on Youtube.

Different versions of Raw 1.5

A video from CNC swede who cuts a branding iron with a Raw 1.5 with racks